About Me


Welcome to Stockholm through my eyes.

Thanks for taking a peek into this new chapter of mine.

I am a current third-year student at the Ramapo College of New Jersey. There, I’m pursuing a degree in Psychology.

During my spring semester abroad with DIS, I’ll be taking Positive Psychology as my core course, which I couldn’t be more stoked about. With this, I’ll be exploring theories on happiness, well-being, and human flourishing.

The elective courses I’ll be taking: Psychology of Loneliness, Glued to the Screen: TV Shows, Norms, and Culture, and Swedish Language and Culture I.

I’m hoping that by keeping up with this blog, along with a few other things, I’ll push myself to put words to those moments in life that so often leave us speechless and in awe. Stories and lessons (both the finer and the not-so-finer ones — I’ll keep it real on this blog, don’t worry) can be hard to pass on with a lack of words.

This is what I hope to capture for myself, and for anyone else following along or searching for a similar experience.

Here I’ll be sharing about all of my cringe-worthy cultural faux pas (I’m hoping those keep to a minimum, but hey, they’re all lessons, right?), the places I visit, the people I meet, and the gem of a city that I have the privilege of calling home over the next four months.

Check back in now and then to see what’s new.