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How to cultivate your curious mind on a budget.

Kungsträdgården, Stockholm’s most central cherry-blossom-filled park and the best place on Earth to people watch

Come good weather, Stockholm transforms into a bustling city. Suddenly seeing so many people in public places makes me think that half of the city’s population has been hibernating this entire time, just waiting for the city to enter full bloom.

The renowned ABBA museum

As the semester comes to a close, so do the program’s hands-on Wednesday field studies. Nearly four months ago, I was writing about ringing in my welcome orientation with the entire spring 2019 class by chanting the lyrics to ABBA’s “Dancing Queen.” It seems only fitting that we’d come full circle and wrap up our final field study with a visit to none other than Stockholm’s cherished ABBA museum.

My biggest tip of advice regarding field studies:

Kicking off your semester with amazing sight-seeing and checking off all of your must-sees is great. Though, it’s best not to jump the gun. You’d be surprised how harsh of a blow your wallet can take based on entry fees and tickets alone. So, to avoid wincing in pain every time you check your bank account balance, first and foremost, check your class calendar! Map out and take note of what’s scheduled for field study days. You’d be surprised to know just how many must-sees you can cross off of your to-do list based on field studies alone. Why spend the extra money to go to a museum when your class offers a field trip that’s already paid for?

To further drive this point home, there is also something called culture night in Stockholm. This year, the event took place on April 27. This is an evening where you get the chance to visit and experience special events at many cultural institutions, galleries, theaters, museums, studios, arcades, libraries, and other other hidden gems in Stockholm free of charge. No tricks and no caveats — free entrance for all.

Nordiska museum’s central space turned into a packed dance floor

If culture night doesn’t happen to land on your stay in Stockholm, not to worry! There are still plenty of attractions that you can visit for free (either always or on special days of the week). Click here to see a list of some of those.

Another tip:

Always, always, always carry your student ID on you and always ask about student discounts — when available, these markdowns can work wonders.

This does not have to be you when you check your account balance


(n.) Cherry blossom.

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