A Little Spring in My Step

Spring break has dawned upon us!

March basically passes by in the blink of an eye here at DIS because it’s so jam-packed with events.

Here’s how it works: each core course participates in a week of international travel for one week during this month. Those excursions are split into two potential dates — the first week of the month or the last week of the month. I will be traveling with my Positive Psychology class to Athens, Greece for the last week. So, whichever week your class isn’t traveling = a free travel week (a.k.a. spring break!!!!).

I’m feeling like I could make a novel out of the synopsis of this last week. So to keep it short(er) and sweet, I’ll try to map out the plot of this story with photos instead.

My sister and her extravagantly overpacked suitcases (love you, Leah!) took off from Jersey, and together we visited Iceland and France.

Four flights in six days (all of which were in the aisle seat, thankfully). Ready, set, go.

First stops: Reykjavík and Grindavík

Doesn’t look too spring-y for a spring break, but believe me, it was breathtaking
The mossy lava fields of Iceland

Fun fact(s): moss grows plentifully in southern Iceland and forms a unique blanket over the mountainous regions. Yes, those are entire hardened lava fields.

Blue lagoon — a geothermal spa with an outdoor lagoon

Iceland falls on the middle oceanic Atlantic Ridge (the boundary between the North American and Eurasian plates). So, new crust regularly forms in volcanic activity on the edge of these tectonic plates as they shift away from each other at the speed of about one centimeter annually.

The country itself is an ever-growing volcanic island. Because of this, the nation has been able to spearhead the usage of geothermal energy.

Giggling in our silica mud masks

Next: Paris

Cappuccinos and carbs (so many bread baskets)!
Our first Eiffel Tower sighting from the Arc de Triomphe
Louvre museum
Sorry… but how could we not?
What’s left of the locks on Pont des Arts — in 2014 the weight of an estimated 700,000+ locks was deemed just a tad too heavy
An umbrella sky in Le Village Royal
What the first magical five minutes of every hour look like after sundown

We closed out our week of travels in Sweden, of course, so I could show my sister a glimpse of a slowly defrosting Stockholm and introduce her to my wonderful family.

And so, home was brought to my ‘Holm away from home.


[lives-noo-tuhreh] (n.)

lit. “enjoyer of life”;

Someone who loves life deeply and lives it to its fullest.

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